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I always come out smiling from my Wednesday evening choir practice - best therapy in the world - and we sound pretty good too!     Tina. 

I moved to Bath not knowing a soul but my neighbour (coincidentally the choir’s Pianist) invited me to choir with her. I was warmly welcomed, loved the fact that there is NO AUDITION and felt right at home. The sound we make is lovely and it is definitely the most fun I’ve ever had in a choir!   Kerry                  

 My friend Alex had been (and still is) a member from the beginning. She kept telling me about the fun she was having and as soon as I moved back to the area I joined this merry band of ladies! It's a very relaxed choir. We aim to do our best,  competing in the Mid Somerset Festival, and performing to entertain and bring ourselves pleasure;  seeing the joy on the faces of our audience is something that also brings me joy!

Fliss, the conductor,  is quite an amazing teacher, somehow managing to get the best out of us! We are also very lucky to have an amazing Pianist, Kate, without whom we'd be lost!

If you feel the need to sing outside of your shower or driving in the car, I would recommend coming along to our friendly, fun and fabulous Courage Choir!         Cath

After singing with another choir for 8 years I only joined Courage Choir in January 2017 and have loved every minute. It’s great fun and Felicity’s style of teaching and the variety of music is just what I was looking for. I decided to go to Brighton to get to know some of the members better and grasp the dynamics of the group. It was a brilliant weekend with everyone making me feel welcome.                      Sue

Some words from a few of our members.